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What is Screening-“It is untested hypothesis”?.


Whenever human being is involved there has to be a flaw. All the SSB’s tests are based on somebody’s judgement. Screening is not the objective test. It has not been able to convince the people that it is an ‘objective test’. Story is not important, what important is, how you carry and conduct in a discussion of PP & DT. Your gesture, words, discussion and logical impression becomes the backbone of your recommendation in screening.

Now the main thrust of screening and SSB is on logic. Now the question arises what is logic and what does it value-


If you pay rupee 100 on some one’s demand, it means you have accepted the proposal. If you pay rupee 50 instead of 100 the conflicts come and logic starts.

Disagreement and Conflict

Disagreement causes dissatisfaction, disapproval or emotional disorder. Disagreement causes disturbances. When you contradict someone it causes emotional disorder. Disagreement further means disapproval. To handle it, you need skill. How you react to the contradiction as everyone is in competitive mood. System wants to see your reaction against contradiction, whether you are emotionally stable, or you are able to maintain the degree of patience listening? Differences are bound to happen. Board is not interested that have you are involving in differences but interested to see how you manage the difference. Managing the contradiction is more important rather than entering into the contradiction.


It (mean screening) was introduced in 1998 and consist of two parts.

SSB is a completely full-proof and properly protected by the structured analysis pattern designed by the DIPR (DIPR would hereby mean the Defence Institute of Psychological Research, earlier it was DPR Defence Psychological Research). That’s why we do say that there is not even a single chance of a person who doesn’t deserve to be recommended. And PP& DT is the first example of such structured pattern test.

PP & DT stands for Picture perception and Description test. In this abbreviation every word has its own significance. As the above structure interpret. PP & DT actually has consecutive steps and the deep interpretations of them are-

Story Writing

A picture will be shown to you for 30 sec. and you have to write a story on that particular picture. The picture will surely have some background sort of elements and some characters in the scene. That is what you have to perceive/watch/see/grasp/observe from the picture.

Your perception must be specific enough as you how to write down the no. of characters/their age/mood/sex in the picture shown. Therefore, you need to have an intensely deep perception. And finally after perceiving the picture you have to write the action of the story (the basic plot/theme of your story) and the story itself within the deadline of 3:30 min. The bifurcation is 30 seconds to see the picture, 1 min to determine the sex, age and mood and 3:30 min to write the story.

This must be the punch line of Narration; Because Narration is the first event when you speak in front of the assessors as well as your group members. And here you are required to create an impact. To create the impact on the listener one must be good enough with his conversational skill because this creates the basic platform before the listeners for you. You must be fluent in your expression and 100% interaction is required from you as speaker and as well as listener. But one must not kill his fluency due to stuck ups and fluctuation because they may induce your first impression. These problems do come due to the hesitant communication. Well, it is not compulsory that one has to speak in English. In any language you can converse. Means you can use Hindi too because-

Make it a punch line of your life and follow it in SSB too, to get yourself through.

Group Discussion

Yes, the group discussion of PP & DT needs a conclusion and that is the common story of the group. One must keep in his mind that everything is secondary and only group’s element for the discussion you will surely win the battle by following this formula.

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