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The candidate who give their response to the verbal painted situations on the basis of hearsay, often face serious problems. An example of Allahabad SSB a few years ago is given below to illustrate the points

President: A boy falls into the well, mother asks you to help, what will you do?

Candidate: I will find out whether there is someone in the well or not.

President: How will you find out?

Candidate: By sound.

President: Then, what will you do?

Candidate: I will take a rope and will try to get him out of the well.

President: If there is no rope?

Candidate: Every well has got steps cut out.

President: There are no steps, but you have got the rope.

Candidate: I will tie the rope to a tree.

President: The tree is so far out that the rope does not reach to the bottom.

Candidate: I will ask the lady to get some help while I will climb down with the rope as far as I can and then jump into the well and keep the boy above water level.

Interpretation: From this reply, a candidate of CDS.


Candidate: “How will the candidate jump into the well without any support of the rope?”

The situation in the interview differs from President to President including psychological variations and interviewing traits. The reply in a particular situation by an individual may be right considering his interior and exterior personality and its interplay.

The same reply with the same president with the same situation projected by another candidate may be absolutely wrong, as the same reply may not be able to reveal the interior and exterior makeup of the candidate’s personality in accordance with the requirement of the ‘president’, which he would like to extract from the candidate.

The intention of the president is to ascertain the depth of the candidate and to confirm the following qualities.

  • Reasoning ability (analytical mind to grasp a situation correctly)
  • Practical, effective and efficient intelligence.
  • Stress resistance (courage, resourcefulness)
  • His ability to give and take help.
  • Quick decision
  • Confidence
  • Remaining cool and calm under strain and stress
T.O locate above qualities, he paints a situation and he will allow you to reach at the solution with possible available resources. In processing the situation he may act in following manner. He may paint any situation; may cut and aid any resource, may disapprove your logic/answer, even though he may paint an illogical situation. For example: In a flooded river 7 to 8 people including women and children are traveling. Suddenly a lion comes. Being a candidate you are not supposed to ask from where the lion has come; but under the existing situation you are to protect the people from the lion. Really, this relates to the job requirement of the defence forces.

The moment you try to reach the solution with possible resources, he will cut down your resources and approach and even your solutions, and you will become handicap. Again he will paint a problem from the same situation and you will again try to reach to the solution with the possible resources and repeatedly he is bound to behave in the same manner. The transaction or the rotation of this process will go on till you give up or he is confirmed about above ‘7’ OLQS described above and reaches to your actual level. The correct step to solve the verbal painted situation is as hereunder:

Please drive yourself intelligently, quickly with practical intelligence to produce the best possible responses commensurating with the gravity of the questions. This may be done with enthusiasm while developing and retaining this much of courage, confidence, and determination to remain purely cool and normal under the boiling situation. It is because the situation is only painted not physical or operational. His idea is not to harass you, he would like to find out your actual level/potential while refacing the answer or cutting your logic, he evaluates your spanned and depth of imagination to decide and confirm your pre achieves value.

Please keep on giving the reply to confront the situation with possible available resources (seen and unseen, also with a capability to generate them) with optimistic view and positive attitude.

The responses should be practical and spontaneous, let him cut down the resources and you keep on trying to adjoin the possible resources and a time will come when there will be no possibility of resources and from that stage the required solution may be directly seen and this is the only possible way to get rid of the situation painted by the president.
If the president is not able to observe these above qualities in the assessee, he may if considered fruitful, ask further questions or paint new situations. Should the response of the candidate be promising the president may probe further, otherwise comment on the inadequacy of the candidate in above leadership qualities.
Finally, according to bio-data if the candidate is an achiever, then the idea is to assess it, confirm it, examine and re-examine it and finally to prove it practically as per the job requirement of the defence forces. They would like to have an achiever under their strict regimentation, they don’t want non-achievers.

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