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The test conducted by the S.S.B aims at selected individuals with O.Q.L.s (officer’s like qualities). These qualities majorly include, effective intelligence, ability to reason and organise, power of expression, social adaptability, co-operation, sense of responsibility determination, courage, stamina, initiative, self confidence and speed of decision.

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Gentlemen, you should remember that you are aspiring to join an organization which has no parallel in our country. If you go be the communal riots in Gujarat, you can reaffirm your faith in this organization. There, when the situation went out of control, the state police machinery and thereafter the CRPF, RAF ..

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The candidate who give their response to the verbal painted situations on the basis of hearsay, often face serious problems. An example of Allahabad SSB a few years ago is given below to illustrate the points.

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There is a way big difference between correct and correctly. You can do things correctly by any means but to do a thing in a correct manner is the most difficult task in this universe. And believe my friends “There is no shortcut to success.” Everyone has to pay for getting anything in life.


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