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The defence forces offer bright career prospects to the right candidate. A fair impartial and scientific method of selection of considered to be among the world's best which ensures an equal and reasonable opportunity to either sex.

Inspite of that whether it is a candidature's first or last chance he or she is recommended on the basis of one's true potential assessed after different aptitude tests. One is tested individually and in groups.

The IQ tests were introduced in India after the second World War with the underlying idea of selecting individuals with foresight. These tests have been updated and streamlined from time to time. Through year of application this test has been perfected to the level that it is now suitable for the selection of suitable candidates in government as well as private sector job.

The Service Selection Board defines intelligence as the global capacity of the individual to act purposefully, think rationally and get along effective with his environment. The test is now broadly regarded as a test of reasoning.

If a candidate is intelligent he might translate intelligence into aptitude. Aptitude itself can be termed as a combination of characteristics indicative of an individual's capacity to acquire some specific knowledge, skill, or act of organized response.

The rate of I.Q development during adolescence is much less than in childhood. Maximum I.Q for a given individual is attained in ages 7, 14, 16 & 18 etc. depending on the relative position of the individual on the intelligence scale of the population. A poet has put it thus: "He who is not handsome at 20 strong at 30, rich at 40 & wise at 50, can never handsome, strong, rich and the wise."


The mental age must be considered in relation to actual age in year and months if the I.Q is to be determined. A convenient device to show the difference keeping mental and chronological age is a deciding factor, as age is not always the determined criteria to decide to I.Q as individual is not the same as his chronological age. In case the mental age of an individual coincides, he can be termed as having cent percent intelligence quotient or in other words his I.Q is 100. Therefore it follows that if his mental age is lesser, than his I.Q is less than 100. The entire process revolved on the assessment of the mental age and it is here that intelligent tests come into play as a method of assessing the mental age and quantifying the I.Q with an expressed formula as under;


In accordance with this formula, the term originally used for I.Q was Brightness Index. It was the American Psychologist L.M.Termon, who give inquiry to the term I.Q which is standfoot. Binet test is a means of assessing the mental age as accurately as possible and today is the most reliable test for assessing and quantifying I.Q.


The mental faculties can be improved with education, training & practice. Intelligence is quickness to apprehend and is distinct from the ability, which is the capability to act wisely on the thing apprehended. It is, therefore, the degree of "quickness" which has to be improved. The techniques can be learned and perfected.

The degree of perfection varies from person to person. Hence the I.Q will remain different in different person even after training? But the fact remains that I.Q of an individual can be well advised with training. There are two kind of I.Q tests applicable in defence services, (A) Verbal and (B) Non-Verbal Candidates reporting directly to S.S.B without UPSC written exams under direct entry scheme are screened through I.Q and rejected if they do not acquired grades.

The verbal test pertains to general knowledge, English, elementary mathematics, science and history. The non-verbal tests are related to circles, cubes, squares, mathematical figures and diagrams.

The aim of the test is to assess the basic intelligence, general awareness and ability to correlate / distinguish / manage /feed the sequence and fill the gap.

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