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Job requirement for a defence officer

The leader has to be confident, assured, bold and daring. He must be ready to take risk; show initiative and display pluck in seizing the opportunities. He must have determination and perseverance to carry inspite of difficulties and troubles. He must accept new challenges cheerfully and seek out new responsibilities on his own initiative .he must have courage to face any audience and put across his views eloquently, coherently, logically and convincing. He must maintain self-control under all circumstances and should be able to assert himself where the occasion demands it.

The armed forces require man of steel who can bear the extreme conditions of stress and strain under adverse condition. An army officer is a leader of his men in a peace and war. In the wars you are not a runner either you are victorious or you vanquished. Hence if the right people are not chosen the efficient functioning in the armed forces would be greatly hampered.

Aims of O.L.Qs (officers like qualities)

The test conducted by the SSB aims at selecting individuals with OLQs (officers like Qualities). These qualities mainly include intelligence, ability to reason and organize power of expression, social adaptability, cooperation, and sense of responsibility, determination, courage, stamina, initiative, self-confidence and the speed of decision. The test are so designed that even a raw candidate has equal opportunity to show his true potential and worth. Most of the tests require average intelligence.

Aims of psychological test

The aim of the psychological test is to test an individual to find out and evaluate whether the test or the candidate has the required mental makeup to be an officer or not. He should be able to fit well into a system which operates under the strict regimentation. The basic aims of these test is to judge an individual’s life and the situations that are adverse, ability to maintain his presence of mind and aptitude for logical reasoning during difficult situations.

The process of the psychological evaluation or the doctrine of psychological evaluation is to find out those qualities by virtue of that you are able to solve the problems of day today life. The problem solving behavior or the process should be the convenient outcome of your personality. If you follow this principle then you will find your presence in your presence every answer and in all the tests and this will become your natural personality.


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